World series of dating episode 4 watch online dating jordanian guy

Viewers can relish in the discomfort of perfunctory small talk, bizarre behavior, and unexpected twists, even if at times it may feel a little too close to home.

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Several more women also match with Ansari’s character, with one making fun of his apparent pasta obsession before handing over the phone to a friend who jokingly swipes right for her.

The tight transitions make the episode feel like one seamless date, even if the casting of the evening’s leading lady has changed.

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After what feels like more than 10 primarily nightmarish dates, he returns back to his apartment and back to the dating app for another round of matching and Whole Foods icebreakers.

Food Breakdown: The wine bar Dev goes to is the Four Horsemen, an excellent Brooklyn restaurant that’s co-owned by Aziz Ansari’s real-life buddy James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

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