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There are many other suitable echo units/pedals out there and some of them are better than my DD-3.The Boss met my needs though and recreates the sound I have on our records so I looked no further.It doesn't have to be vintage at all, but they do look pretty cool. The distortion (which is where you get the right sound from) changes dramatically with change of volume.Actually I started out playing a vintage Vox AC 30 and it wasn't bad at all. That's very impractically when you play live, where you have to adjust the volume after the size and acoustics of the place where you playing.Still, live I don't see why there should be any difference, if you set your amp right.Recording: Nowadays most recording take place in the digital domain (Remember that the microphone itself, will always be analogue).

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Here's a picture of my "live" settings for the Boss DD-3.

By Vince Gordon I'm often asked rockabilly guitar questions, so I have created this page that should answer most FAQ. There are - like with most things - different ways of achieving the same goals. The Scotty Moore sound (video) Recording Gretsch Electromatic Col Effects Johnny Burnette & The Rock'n'Roll Trio Rock Around the Clock guitar Brian Setzer's gear Carl Perkins' guitars Scotty Moore's strings You can get an "authentic" rockabilly guitar sound by following the advice, but it actually leaves you a lot of room to get your own sound. If you wanna check out my playing & sound you can listen to a sample of "Don't Tell me What I Want" from our CD New Set Of Rules and watch a video of "Take This Heart" from that CD.

Over the years I've had a bunch of vintage guitars. From Country Gentleman to Country Roc, a couple of 6120's and I've also played the odd White Falcon. "Don't Tell Me What I Want" listen to streaming audio - Check out my CDs here or find them on CD Baby - Interview from US Newspaper The Valley Advocate.

I then use the Sans Amp GT2 pedal that can emulate the old Bassman as an insert between the amp and the guitar. The pedal can also emulate a lot of other legendary amps quite good, but so far I never used that.

Echo: When you play your Fender Amp, don't use the built in Reverb that some of them have.

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