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There is also a small Medical Center at this new complex which can handle medical emergencies from the area. Mag: any VFR Location: 33 NM Southwest of Tsuniah Lake Lodge Wikipedia: Scar Creek Airport (TC LID: CBA7) was a small general aviation airport located near Scar Creek, British Columbia, Canada.We've added several small scenery locations to this package to give you places to visit in the Glacier Bay area. There is also a TRIPs folder that gives you plans for these outlying locations: • Adams Inlet Cabin • Muir Inlet Campsite • Carol Glacier Campsite • Carol Glacier Cabin • Margerie Glacier Cabin (ship viewing) • John Hopkins Cabin • The Sisters VOR Station Misty's Place Update Updated the lighting system for the water runway, now matches the runway. Scar Creek Lodge and Chalanko River Sales and Service have updates: Star Creek - got rid of the water anomaly near the cabin. Chalanko River - Got rid of the ridge at the pullout and moved a couple of minor items. The airport was listed as abandoned in the 15 March 2007 Canada Flight Supplement.You will not see the "detached smoke problem" with those two platforms.But for those with P3D V4 that want to keep up-to-date ... NOTAM2: On the Scenery Page, every scenery location that has been checked for this problem or has a new corrected file folder because of the problem, will have a P3D V4/Ready logo under the thumbnail.So you can download these one at a time and only put in the ones you want.This also updates the Scenery page for new people coming to the site, whatever they download from the Scenery Page will be the latest if it is so marked. On the Installation/Getting Started Page, Step Table #10.V3 and FSX are not affected by this object and no download or change is necessary.

When this effect replaces the one in your Effects folder, that problem, for V4 goes away.

The new folder is ready for download on the Scenery Page under W for Waterfall.

Updated "Fixed Detached Smoke" folders for P3D V4 Users - Installation Page, Step Table #10 We have been spending a great deal of time changing out the objects that show "detached smoke" in P3D V4.

This project will continue for some time and we'll be handling the updated information by these new methods.

There are two ways for you to get theses new scenery folders to keep your P3D V4 installation up to date. One-At-A-Time from the Scenery Page: As these are changed, the new folder can be downloaded for these scenery locations on the scenery page.

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