How to stop eclipse updating maven dependencies

Select the components you want to install and Eclipse will download, install, and configure your plugins.To install JIRA integration with Mylyn, add the Mylyn extras Eclipse update URL, you'll want to do this if your organization uses Atlassian's JIRA for issue tracking.The Eclipse IDE is the most widely used IDE for Java development today.At the same time, Apache Maven continues to mature, and has grown to be the industry standard for creating extensible and reliable enterprise builds.

You will also have an idea of some of the features provided the plugin.

Add a new remote site for each plugin and then make sure that the remote site is selected.

After you click Finish, Eclipse will then ask you to select plugins components to install.

In May of 2008, the m2eclipse project was formally accepted into the Eclipse Foundation, and the plugin continues to undergo active development as the developers try to integrate m2eclipse with more features of the Eclipse platform.

The m2Eclipse plugin provides Maven integration for Eclipse.

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