Fun at fifty dating

This is difficult to do because we have been using these negative beliefs so often that they submerged into our unconscious mind.

This bad habit causes us to panic whenever we think our partner has discovered our flaws. In order to find true love you have to stop doing that shit; know you are great and someone very worthy of love. One of the most incorrect but prevalent advice I received from other men was that women like a bad boy, someone with an edge that will keep them off balance treating them badly, neglecting them or by lying and cheating. While it is true that nobody wants a needy someone who sucks out all the attention in a relationship, no one wants a person trying to be something they are not.

I thought I would change the subject from my last several blogs and go back to reflecting on my dating experiences and my attempts to connect with a more authentic self.

A few of them I called ‘my girlfriend’ (not at the same time, of course) and they acknowledged me as ‘their boyfriend’.

So far, I’ve had good luck, except for one woman who was batshit crazy, the rest of my dates possessed a wide variety of charm, intelligence and beauty.

Most women I dated only once, both of us lucky enough to discover a lack of compatibility after the first encounter.

Interpersonal relations can help us evolve and heal these wounds, but we have to understand the other person cannot fill in the gap of our emotional healing, that is work we must do ourselves.

This is why the most important work we can do to succeed in finding love is to learn to love ourselves.

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