Dna based dating service

The online services are based on the theory that people are attracted to partners who have different immune systems than their own.It is believed that this is a function of evolution with babies bred from parents with different immune systems having a wider variety of immune system genes, and therefore, more robust immune systems.Studies have indicated that people with different MHC genes will actually smell better to you than people whose MHC genes are similar to your own.Aside from a more attractive odor and healthier children, Scientific Match says that finding a partner with a different immune system will also lead to a more satisfying sex life, less cheating in the relationship, a higher rate of fertility and, if you’re a woman, a higher rate of orgasms.In one study, Swiss biologist Claus Wedekind found that women who were not taking hormonal contraception preferred the natural scent of men whose immune systems were the most different from theirs.

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For this reason the site doesn’t rely solely on DNA analysis to find matches, but also makes use of those online dating standards or personality profiles and personal preferences when looking for matches.

The Gattaca-esque matchmaking does come at a price though with a lifetime membership to Scientific Match setting the unlucky in love back around US00.

Upon signing up you’ll receive a DNA collection kit in the mail, which includes a pack of sterilized cotton swabs.

After rubbing the inside of your mouth with the swabs you send them back in a pre-addressed envelope with a customer number being the only link to your identity.

To address privacy concerns Scientific Match stresses that nobody within ever knows your name and your customer number at the same time.

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