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Teams traveled 25,000 miles (40,000 km) visiting: Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands and Sweden, as well as Estonia and the Czech Republic, which appeared on the show for the first time.

It also introduces new features to the race: One team was eliminated right at the Starting Line and a new twist was added, the Switchback, where teams faced one of the series' previous most challenging Roadblocks.

The former KITV sportscaster was once on Oprah as one of LA’s most eligible bachelors. A., host of a charity golf tournament and, now, engaged.

He proposed at Pebble Beach, arranging for the ring to be placed in the 18th hole.

This was the second season with a surprise elimination at some location other than a Pit Stop; the other was Season 10.

The eliminated team, Eric and Lisa, who were eliminated at the Starting Line, acknowledged in a post-race interview that they were the first team to leave the show voluntarily instead of spending the remainder of the Race at the Elimination Station, as they had previous plans to travel to India.

As such, all clues leading to the Pit Stops (including the first leg) ended with the sentence "The last team to check in may be eliminated." Wayne Newton appeared in the season finale; teams were instructed to find him in a suite at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, where he then gave them the location of the Finish Line.Does any reader know why alternating blades makes each one last longer?A golf ball has dimples on its surface to increase the efficiency of airflow over it and let it fly further.As a consequence, they were not allowed to have any further involvement in the show; although their travel was over by the time the race ended, Eric and Lisa were not told where the Finish Line was and as a result are the second team (the first was Toni and Dallas from Season 13) to be absent at the Finish Line to cheer for the top three teams, and had no knowledge of the outcome of the Race before the season finale aired.This was the first season since Season 11 to have more than two non-elimination points (Season 11 had four non-elimination points).

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