Consolidating post offices

In fact, it will be 4.4 times larger than Japan, widening the gap from 2.3 times in 2016.

China can be expected to continue accounting for about half of Asia’s growth in the coming years.

The Philippines will overtake Thailand in 2027 and also Taiwan in 2029.

Malaysia will widen the gap with Singapore, and Vietnam will overtake Singapore in 2027.

The center of gravity in Asia is shifting from the east to the south — India and ASEAN — both in terms of population and economic size.

“As for per capita income, Malaysia will become a high-income country in 2023, with nominal GDP per capita over ,000.

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A list of who managed what investments for GPIF at the close of the financial year on 31 March 2017 can bee seen under “The Giants” tab at the top of this page.

Although China can count on high productivity growth, its capital stock adjustment is more advanced. But like Japan, which approached 70% of America’s scale in the mid-1990s, China will not be able to catch up with the U. — though it will get closer than Japan did at its peak.

“Although China’s growth rate will decelerate toward 2030, its economic scale, which was about 60% of the U. “China will remain the second-largest economy, well ahead of Japan.

“Under the new system, funds that achieve their predetermined investment return target will receive a similar level of fees as they receive now.

If the actual return exceeds the target, however, they will be paid progressively more in proportion to the results.

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