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In 1916, his close friend Madison Grant published “The Passing of the Great Race; or, The Racial Basis of European History.” Grant practiced what was billed as “hereditary history.” He attempted to demonstrate that the “Nordic race” (the “blue-eyed, fair-haired peoples of the north of Europe”) was being overrun by stupider people who were “dark-haired, dark-eyed.” This, he believed, posed a particular threat to the United States, since “democracy is fatal to progress when two races of unequal value live side by side.”Not everyone signed on.

A Grant-like figure made an appearance in “The Great Gatsby”:“Civilization’s going to pieces,” broke out Tom violently.

“I’ve gotten to be a terrible pessimist about things.

Have you read ‘The Rise of the Colored Empires’ by this man Goddard?

The American Institute of Family Relations was funded by E. Gosney, the president of the Human Betterment Foundation (for which Popenoe served as secretary).

For Popenoe, marriage counselling was the flip side of compulsory vasectomy and tubal ligation: sterilize the unfit; urge the fit to marry. “I began to realize that if we were to promote a sound population,” he wrote, “we would not only have to get the right kind of people married, but we would have to keep them married.” Popenoe opened the clinic in 1930, in order “to bring all the resources of science to bear on the promotion of successful family life”—that science being eugenics.

Up to eighty per cent of therapists practice couples therapy.He didn’t much mind if the marriages of people of inferior stock fell apart: “Divorcees are on the whole biologically inferior to the happily married.” By saving the marriages of the biologically superior, though, Popenoe hoped to save the race.Born in 1888, Popenoe was the son of a California avocado grower and horticultural pioneer.He went to Stanford, where he studied with the university’s president, a biologist named David Starr Jordan.In 1906, the American Breeders’ Association appointed Jordan to head a committee to “investigate and report on heredity in the human race” and to expound on “the value of superior blood and the menace to society of inferior blood.” In 1908, Popenoe left college to care for his father and to study breeds of date palms.

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