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UMMM NO-SIN is the act of fornication NOT the BABY-AND just so you get it right being a MOTHER & being a WIFE ARE 2 DIFFERENT THINGS!!

Hun your soooo silly & so judgemental which is so un-becoming of a Preacher’s wife.

Nik knew from the beginning that she wasn’t anybody special to him, she just fit the profile that Braylon bags; tall, thin and light skin (preferably mixed). She was just with Brandon London in 2008 so that statement about her being in an ‘intimate relationship for 2 years’ is crap. She is an opportunist who’s trying to make herself look like the victim and get rich off of him. He’s not ready to be a father to a child because he’s a child himself.

He needs to get a blood test and if it what it is, take care of his child either willingly or through the courts. I mean if that is the type of life you want then fine.

Model Nik Pace put out her official statement (via her management) about the false allegations surrounding her suing NY JETS WR Braylon Edwards for child support. Edwards has yet to sign his son's birth certificate making it impossible for his son to have his last name, Edwards as Georgia law requires.

She basically says Braylon has lied about being involved (or attempting to be) in the child's life, the two were in an intimate relationship for 2 years, and she is not asking for k like his people are trying to smear her by saying. Pace shared an intimate relationship for over two years. It is also completely and unequivocally false that Ms. Edwards to come to an amicable agreement regarding the care of their child without the involvement of attorneys, but it is Mr. Edwards accepts the shared responsibility of raising their son and chooses to become the loving father his son deserves." Well this is getting ugly. A set decorator for the "Mo'Nique Show" was murdered by her husband this past weekend..he drove around with her body in his truck for two days: Maureen Allaben, the spunky set decorator for “The Mo’Nique Show” and a local food stylist, was killed Sunday by her husband, who drove for two days with her body in the bed of his pickup truck before turning himself in, authorities said Wednesday.

) and sometimes out of disobedience a CHILD is produced.

Are you saying that GOD will look at this human life any different than say a child that you have with your preacher husband??

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