Anxiety and dating

My issue is that when the supervisor and I are out of the office, whether that’s due to vacation, illness, or just regular days off, my staff constantly contacts me and the other supervisor.It’s mostly questions about things that could easily be answered/handled by someone else in the building, management or not.What went wrong yesterday that led to you calling me?” That kind of follow-up is how you reinforce your expectations and get people to take them seriously.Sometimes it’s something urgent, but very rarely ever so.And sometimes it’s even at all hours of the day and night, like 3 a.m.Everyone else knows what happened and I’ve heard people whispering and talking about it. I’m not allowed to talk to my coworker or I would apologize for my behavior.

I have a staff of about 18, with only 13 being scheduled a day for varying shift times.Because this was a symptom of a clinical condition getting out of control, talk to your therapist and let her know that your current treatment isn’t working as well as you need it to.Say that the anxiety interfered with your life and work in a significant way, and ask what you can change up about your treatment to try to address it with more urgency.She recently asked for a week off which would include an unpaid day.I explained that we didn’t have enough staff to cover one of those days and also that unpaid days off should be requested for an emergency, as it is unfair to other staff who would also like extra days off but couldn’t afford to.

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